14 things we learned from the Official Royal Wedding Website

A screen-grab of the newly launched royal wedding site, officialroyalwedding2011.org.A screen-grab of the newly launched royal wedding site, officialroyalwedding2011.org.Will and Kate's wedding website launched today. True to the couple, the site straddles the turf of 'real-people' wedding sites and official historic archives. And like everything else about the most hyperbolic wedding ever, it's bound to be inspected like a science class frog. We thought we'd kick off the probe with a rundown of things we noticed on the site on day one.

1. The wedding is officially "their day"-as in Kate's and Will's. "The wedding will reflect Prince William and Catherine Middleton's wishes - it will be very much their day. They hope very much that the day can become an enjoyable occasion for the whole country and for the Commonwealth Realms," according to the FAQs section of the site.

2. British Royals still prefer the term "Miss" over Ms.

3. While we wait for news of Kate's dressmaker, which will also be announced on the site, it's assumed a brief history of Buckingham Palace will keep us amused.

4. There is an official royal channel on YouTube! Do you think the queen knows about this?

5. You can also follow the official site on Twitter @clarencehouse

6. Joy Behar is one of the 20,000-plus Twitter followers.

7. @ClarenceHouse follows lots of charities. One is a breast cancer fund that raises money with a marathon of women wearing decorative bras.

8. The site was designed by a London firm that's also worked with Glenlivet, a maker of single-malt scotch. They're hiring.

9. If you have tips or questions for the site's operator, the Principal Private Secretary for the Household of TRH The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall, you'll have to contact them via snail mail.

10. This may be is the scariest terms and conditions statement ever. I'm waiting for Royal secret service to knock on my door now in 5, 4, 3...

11. According to the FAQs section, Catherine isn't a definite shoe-in for the title of Princess. "Her title after marriage is yet to be announced," according to the site.

12. The couple decided on Westminster Abbey as a venue, in part because of "the relative intimacy of the area around the High Altar."

13. The bride and groom can't accept gifts from commercial enterprises. But there's nothing about a ban on fondue pots from individuals. Just saying.

14. "The Royal Family and the Middleton family will pay for the wedding," according to the site. That's a little different from this statement released in November, which said: "The Royal Family will pay for the wedding, following the precedents set by the marriages of The Prince and Princess of Wales in 1981 and Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip in 1947."

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