20 Little-Known Facts About Cher

Cher and Christina Aguilera will rock the big screen in 'Burlesque' November 24!
- Carolyn French, BettyConfidential.com
The past couple of years have been anything but simple for the Goddess of Pop. Being forced to come to terms with the fact that her child, Chaz Bono, is no longer a 'she' was an emotionally taxing experience. However, 64-year-old Cher is doing what any loving parent would do - accepting the change with open arms.

"The day that we talked about it, really talked about it seriously, I said, 'If you have to do this you just have to do it,'" the two-time Oscar winner recently told David Letterman. "I wasn't always able to be quite as calm through the process, but that day I was so calm, and just thought, 'This is what has to happen.'"

Cher's Late Show appearance wasn't strictly a spill-your-guts sit down. The magnificent entertainer also chatted about her new movie, Burlesque with Christina Aguilera!

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Because we thrilled that Cher is returning to the big screen in what is sure to be a delightful Thanksgiving Eve treat, we are bringing you 20 interesting facts about the much renowned singer…

1. She is a multi-millionaire who owns property all over the world, but when Cher was still Cherilyn Sarkisian LaPiere, her life was plagued with difficulties. Her father took off when she and her sister Georganne were kids, and at one point Cher was forced to spend time in an orphanage because her mother fell ill and couldn't afford to care for her.

2. Cher always had a hard time in school, and at 30 was finally diagnosed with dyslexia. "It was embarrassing for me not to be able to do the schoolwork that everyone else was doing," Cher once said. "Was I stupid? I didn't think I was. But all the signs pointed in that direction. I didn't like authority, and I couldn't understand the lessons….The only way I learned was by listening to my teachers in the classroom."

3. Cher met her musical match and best friend Sonny Bono at Gold Star Studios in Hollywood when she was 16. Sonny convinced record producer Phil Spector to hire Cher as a session singer in 1963, and the infamous duo were married by the following year!

4. Sonny and Cher hit the big time with their tune "I've Got You Babe", and were a highly successful act until 1974, when they filed for divorce. Cher's career took a major nosedive after the separation. Luckily, she decided to try acting one more time, and her role in Silkwood earned her an Oscar.

5. Cher is a wee bit jealous of pal Meryl Streep's natural beauty! "I think Meryl [Streep] is doing it great," she told Vanity Fair. "The stupid bit*h is doing it better than all of us! But I don't like it. It's getting in my way. I have a job to do, and it's making my job harder."

6. Cher's son, Elijah, with rocker Gregg Allman fronts the darkwave band Deadsy.

7. Don't expect her to apologize for her so called diva-like behavior. "In this business you have to be tough, and if someone pushes me really far I can certainly be impossible," Cher once declared. "I've always said, "If you're nice they walk over you and if you stand up for yourself they call you a b---- ."

8. The singer has been involved with several men whom you wouldn't necessarily expect her to fall for, including Kiss bassist Gene Simmons!

9. Ya know how everyone jumps to release a scandalous tell-all? Well Cher's 1998 memoir The First Time was unique in that it was a collection of the star's favorite memories.

10. Her Hollywood icons are Katharine Hepburn and Audrey Hepburn.

11. Her work in the 1985 drama Mask, about a mother determined to help her disfigured son find his place in the world, prompted her to seek the title of National Chairperson and Honorary Spokesperson of the Children's Craniofacial Association.

12. The infamous video for "If I Could Turn Back Time" was originally banned by MTV, but the network eventually agreed to show it after 9:00 p.m. due to its popularity.

13. She is such a trooper that she agreed to star in the 1987 blockbuster Moonstruck after having done two movies (Suspect, The Witches of Eastwick) back-to-back!

14. Record execs refused to release Cher's alternative rock album Not.com.mercial, but did that stop her? No way. Cher allowed fans to purchase the album exclusively through her website.

15. She has appeared on the cover of People magazine a total of 13 times. Take that George Clooney!

16. Cher was initially interested in playing Mortia Addams in the first Addams Family film, but the part went to Anjelica Huston.

17. She has always followed the Democratic Party, but considers herself more of an Independent these days.

18. In 1998 you couldn't walk into a store without hearing Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On." Titanic was number one at the box office, but Cher still managed to outsell the sappy single with her electric tune "Believe."

19. Cher appeared on the popular sitcom Will & Grace twice at the beginning of the millennium. Check out this hilarious clip in which the flamboyant character Jack McFarland thinks Cher is simply a female impersonator:

20. Her Farewell Tour lasted from 2003 to 2005. Cher enjoyed a much deserved break until 2008, which is when she revealed that she would perform 200 gigs over the next three years at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Cher is raking in $60 million for her comeback. Cha-ching!

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