21 signs you are losing interest in your job

At some point in time most of us have been through periods where we lose interest in our jobs or assignments we are involved in. This is only a problem if the lack of interest persists for more than a few weeks and noticeable changes in behavior occur. Even the President has been exhibiting signs of a lack of job interest lately with his caught-on-camera tirade about the behavior of Wall Street (a bunch of drunks) and a less than apologetic view of the housing market, where he laughed off the housing crisis saying that the market was still strong in Texas (his home state). The lack of care or thought by making these remarks in a semi-public setting, are just some signs that he is losing interest in his job as his term ends.

For the rest of us, with not-so-high-profile jobs, here are 21 sure signs that you are losing interest in your job and that it maybe time to move on to your next challenge.

1. You no longer feel challenged in the work you are doing. It is either boring or of little interest to you and your only goal is to get it done as soon as possible, as opposed to doing the best job possible.
2. You cannot concentrate on a particular activity for more than an hour or without first having a caffeine-induced buzz. This includes getting easily distracted by other's conversations or general office noise.
3. You feel that you are always getting the crappy assignments and others on your team are getting the good ones. This could also be a sign that your employer is losing interest in you!
4. You cannot remember the last time you got a promotion, above-average raise or a special achievement award, and you have stopped caring that you haven't got one of these in a while
5. You get to work late and leave early for no real reason other than you want to minimize your time spent at work. Overtime is a painful word to you.

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