3 Blockbusters You Can’t Miss This Summer

From thrillers to cheesy rom-coms, here are the films people won't stop talking about this season-and who to see them with. Plus: Check out these TV shows worth watching!

1) Eclipse: See It with a Twi-hard

Opens June 30th

ZOMG! We can't wait any longer to watch the ultimate showdown of Team Edward vs. Team Jacob. In Eclipse part three of the Twilight saga, Bella (Kristen Stewart) will have to choose between her vampire fiance (played by real-life BF Robert Pattinson) and her absolutely smokin' werewolf best friend (Taylor Lautner). Yeah, we don't feel that sorry for her either. Here's everything you ever wanted to know about Twilight!

2) Salt: See It with Your Boyfriend (or Any Other Red-Blooded Guy)

Opens July 23rd

Another summer, another action-packed thriller starring Angelina Jolie in a role where she's equally beautiful and badass. This time she plays Evelyn Salt, a CIA agent accused of being a spy who then goes incognito to clear her name and save her husband. You may have to wipe the drool off of your guy's mouth, but watching Salt will get your blood pumping.

3) Going the Distance: See It with a LDR Survivor

Opens August 27th

In Going the Distance, real-life duo Drew Barrymore and Justin Long make fun of the issues people in long-distance relationships know all too well. From Webcam mishaps to phone sex, their characters, Erin and Garrett, try to stay together while they are 3,000 miles apart. Even if you can't relate, you'll bust a gut watching Justin get a spray tan. Plus: Read Movie Quotes That Make the Worst Pickup Lines

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