3 last-minute DIY cards for Mother's Day (that look amazing!)

For Mother's Day, make Mom or Grandma one of these three gorgeous homemade cards, provided to us from the folks at Fresh Home magazine, and she'll never imagine you waited until the last minute.

Read on for the materials lists and step-by-step "how-to" instructions.

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3-D Butterfly Card


Card stock

2 contrasting colors of solid scrapbook paper (blue and red shown)

Craft knife


Cutting mat


Craft glue


  1. Cut and fold card stock for card.
  2. Cut a piece of blue and red scrapbook paper to fit front of card.
  3. Draw butterfly design onto back of red scrapbook paper.
  4. Use craft knife to carefully cut along outline of butterfly, leaving some of the design areas uncut and still attached to the paper. Cut some thicker lines inside the design to allow the blue paper underneath to show through.
  5. With edges matching, glue the red scrapbook paper right side up to the blue scrapbook paper, being careful not to glue the butterfly wings down.
  6. Glue butterfly to the front to the card . Trim excess flush with card.
  7. Carefully roll the wings around the pencil so they lift off the card.

Quilled Bird Card


Card stock

Smooth round pencil

Magazine cover

Ruler with metal edge

Craft knife and cutting mat

Craft glue



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  1. Cut and fold card stock to make card.
  2. Lightly draw a bird design on the front of card.
  3. Cut magazine cover into 1/4-inch-wide strips.
  4. Tightly roll paper strips around smooth round pencil to coil. Slide coils off pencil, leaving coils intact.
  5. Shape and trim coiled paper strips to fit sketch on card.
  6. Use toothpick to carefully apply small dots of craft glue along one edge of a coiled paper strip and place coil along sketched line. Let dry. Repeat to complete design.

Fabric Butterflies & Flowers Card


Card stock

No-sew fusible web

Scrap of printed cotton fabric



Fine-point scissors


  1. Cut and fold card stock to make card.
  2. Trace a butterfly or flower design onto paper side of fusible web.
  3. Following manufacturer's instructions, fuse design to wrong side of fabric. Let cool.
  4. Cut out butterfly or flower design.
  5. Remove paper backing and fuse design to front of card. Let cool.
  6. Trim excess fabric flush with card.

Which card will you be making a special mom in your life for Mother's Day?

Written by Sheri Reed for CafeMom's blog, The Stir.

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