3 Over-Looked Money Saving Tips

Photo Credit: George Doyle/iStockPhoto Credit: George Doyle/iStockHere are some easy things you can do to save extra cash.

1. Dial S for Savings!

If you can stomach the voice-activated menu hassle, a few simple calls to your cable, phone, and insurance providers might save you hundreds a year. Call the cable company and trim the channels you don't watch, or at least see if you can negotiate a lower rate. When it comes to car and home insurance, shop around, then call your current insurer and ask if they can match competing rates.

2. Follow These Coupon Clipping Tips

  • Remember, "Coupons can be automatically sent to your phone, loaded onto your supermarket club card, or printed off the Internet," Gault advises. Also, try sites like Coupons.com and couponsurfer.com. Is there a new product you'd like to try? Check out the manufacturer's website; many have coupons you can download and print.

3. Log On to Save Big - follow these tips from RedbookMag.com readers!

"I buy designer baby clothes in good used condition on eBay for next to nothing. The trick is deciding what you would pay for the item, including shipping, and not going over that amount. Don't fall in love with the item - just have fun with the bidding and know there will always be more to bid on in the future!"
- Mandy Etheridge, 34, Atlanta

"I swapped an artificial Christmas tree on Craigslist. I moved to a new house with lower ceilings, and the other woman had moved to a house with taller ceilings. I had a 9-foot tree; she had a 7-foot tree. Cost was $0, except for gas to drive 30 minutes to make the exchange."
- Aubrey Miller, 30, Cherryville, NC

"Freecycle.org is awesome for getting free, high-quality stuff that someone doesn't want anymore. In my experience, people are honest about the condition of the item they want to get rid of. You just have to respond first and pick it up."
- Dawn Nelson, 33, Lomira, WI

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