3 Tips to Get a Natural, Fresh Looking Face

Jessica Simpson has graced the May cover of Marie Claire this month, completely bare! Yes, she's wearing clothes - we mean on her face. Simpson went sans makeup for the cover, to promote her new show Price of Beauty which follows her and her cohorts as they travel to different parts of the world to determine what is deemed as beautiful.

Though it's clear she isn't as done up as she usually is, many are suspicious the the blonde bombshell is completely without any product, even a dab of foundation or an eye curler.

Regardless if Simpson is or isn't wearing any makeup, her cover along with the hotter than hot summer months that are approaching have inspired us to get a more natural look that leaves us looking great, without giving away that we are wearing any makeup at all. If you're in the same boat, try these tips from Dara Klein, NYC makeup artist:

Tip #1 - Choose the Right Bronzer Shade
Klein says for a natural look, your bronzer should make your skin appear warmer, not darker like a self-tanner does. Choose a shade that is only slightly deeper than your skin, rather than on the opposite side of the skin spectrum.

Tip #2 - Swipe Carefully
Use a brush (as opposed to a sponge) to lightly dust on the areas where the sun naturally hits your face - your forehead, chin, nose, and the tops of your cheeks.

Tip #3 - Don't Apply Everywhere
Avoid applying all over, so your face isn't three shades darker than your neck. That's like a blinking sign that says, "Look at me! I'm wearing makeup!"

What are your natural makeup tricks? And what do you think of Jessica Simpson's cover? Is she sans makeup or are you skeptical? Post your advice and thoughts on both in the comments below!

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