3 Types of Employees Bosses Love

CosmopolitanCosmopolitanChannel any of these personas and see your corner-office dreams become reality.

By Maria Coder

1. The Problem Solver
You can troubleshoot on the spot. No wonder your boss loves you. "Cooperate, don't complain," suggests psychologist Mildred Borras. Find opportunities by paying attention and staying approachable.

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The Zen Master
You're calm, cool, and keep your office mates level headed. "You know how to function as a team," says author Judith Bowman. Learn your colleagues' styles and respect cubicle nuances.

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3. The Cheerleader
You love where you work, what you do, and it shows. Yrma Rico, author of La Vida Rica: The Latina's Guide to Success, says the quickest way to get noticed is to notice others. Stay positive and, most importantly, get involved.

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