3 Ways To Help Your Child Avoid Back to School Drama

Here, 3 tips to help your kid stays above the petty cat fights - instead of getting caught up in them.

Don't Be a Copy Cat
Showing up to school in the same outfit as her best friend on the first day is not how to start off the year. Make sure she knows what her friends plan on wearing (and vice versa) way before the first-period bell rings. They could even make a fun fashion show party out of it!

Don't Talk Through Texts
If they need to confront a friend about a fight or vent about a problem, tell them not to do it over a text! Texting and other forms of instant electronic messaging are convenient, but use them to tell your friends where you want to meet for lunch, not to let them know they or someone else hurt your feelings.

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Don't Leave Someone Out
If your child went on an exotic getaway during break (or even to band camp), don't let them bring back a gift for only one friend in their group. Urge them to find something little for everyone (like charms, simple bracelets, or key chains) as opposed to something big for only one person.

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