4 fitness tips from celebrity trainer Seven

It never fails: Every winter, I OD on Halloween candy and ditch the gym for holiday parties. It's not healthy and it's not pretty.

This time, I'm determined to look great at the gazillion holiday cocktail shindigs. To help me get on the right track, I asked Seven, a Miami based Bally Total Fitness and celebrity trainer for her tips:

Q. What's a typical session for your female clients?
A. We start with 30 minutes of intense cardio as a warm up, and then move to weight lifting. For women, doing cardio first is a must--it gives you lean, defined muscles. I finish each workout with ten minutes of yoga.

Q. Do you change it up before a client's red carpet event?
A. I add ten minutes to her cardio and more workout days to the week leading up to an event. We also focus on muscle groups depending on the style of her dress. If she's wearing strapless, we work on defining her shoulders, and if she's wearing backless, we do extra back exercises. (Related: How to find the perfect evening dress for your figure.)

Q. What activities do you recommend on the "off" days?
A. Do what you love: Yoga, kickboxing, jogging, or even just a walk in the park with your dog. Anything that keeps your muscles moving.

Q. What's your best move for abs?

A. Lie on your back, raise your arms and your legs up to the ceiling (so you look like a 'U' shape from the side. Keep your chin up to the ceiling at all times. Exhale and reach your fingers up to your toes, counting from 25 to 1, inhale on your way down. In the same position, reach toward your left toe and then alternate to your right, counting from 25 to one in each direction. Do three to four sets of each every day.

See the rest of Seven's workout tips over on allure.com.

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