4 Secrets to Having Perfect Asian Hair

Asian hair has a lot to offer. It's thick, has great volume, and is very strong. See our styling secrets below to get the best hairstyle ever for your hair type.

For Short or Shoulder-Length Hair

To prevent hair from getting too oily, use a clarifying shampoo before styling to avoid product buildup. Keep product away from the scalp, applying only to the middle and ends of your hair. To dry hair, do it sans brush with a high powered setting and heat. For a perfect finish apply a small amount of pomade to the ends. See what other products we recommend.

For Long Hair
Get more volume out of longer hairstyles by only washing every few days. For even more boost run a curling iron through second-day unwashed hair, or flip hair over and blast with a cool shot of air from your blow dryer. When it is time to rinse your hair apply an overnight conditioning serum so you can skip the shampoo and still have manageable hair. Get more styling tips for long and layered hair.

For the Best Color
If you don't want a radical hair change, like going blonde, get a overall color boost by choosing a copper or dark brown shade. Vietnamese hair stylist Ngoc Huynh says one of the most requested shades is Joico's moss brown, however rich chocolate and cinnamon tones are a close second. See more coloring options for Asian hair here.

For a Gradual Color Change
If you do plan on going blonde but want to it gradually, start by applying highlights first. Celebrity stylist and beauty expert Billy Lowe suggests choosing a soft caramel tone and applying narrower highlights for softer blending. This will also make roots less obvious. Finally, place highlights 1/8 inch away from your center part to keep regrowth concealed. Find out what products work best to conceal dreaded gray hairs.

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