4 Simple ways to stay fit on vacation

As much as you look forward to it, vacation poses a dilemma: Should you use the extra time to relax or run? Luckily, it is possible to maintain your fitness on holiday without alienating your travel companions or spoiling the magic of a margarita. Here are running coach Jeff Galloway's tips from on how to navigate any situation so you're in shape to run when you return home.

HOLIDAY HURDLE: You can't break away from the group to run.

GET OVER IT: Walk together 30 to 60 minutes a day. Long walks, like long runs, can help build and maintain endurance. You'll get in quality hang-out time while everyone gets in better shape.

Take good nutrition habits with you when you travel

HOLIDAY HURDLE: Everyone loves the pool, but you're not much of a swimmer.

GET OVER IT: Aqua jog for 30 minutes. Pushing against water's resistance can eliminate inefficient movement, which can improve your form on land. Plus, it's a great cardiovascular workout. Wear a flotation belt to keep you upright in the deep end. Let your legs move as you would on land. If there's no belt available, do the same movement in shallower waters.

Pool workouts for runners

HOLIDAY HURDLE: Running on vacation feels like work.

GET OVER IT: Stray from your routine. If you normally run in the morning, try a sunset run. If you typically run on the roads, hit the beach, trails, boardwalk, or park. If you mainly run solo, check out local clubs and join a group run.

Where to run when you travel

HOLIDAY HURDLE: You've never run on the beach before.

GET OVER IT: The softness of sand can strain muscles and tendons because they're stretched farther than when you're running on a firm surface. Start with several one- to two-minute segments of running. Walk one minute between each. Limit the distance to a quarter-mile on the first day; add an additional segment every time after that.

How do you stay fit when you're on vacation? Do you head out for early morning runs? Run with friends or family?

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