4 Tips for How to Survive Superbowl Sunday

Whether your guy goes MIA for hours on end because of the big game or you just aren't sure how to handle the hoopla, here are 4 ways to keep your cool this Superbowl Sunday.

1. Understand That He's Actually a Little Boy Who Loves Sports
Men's love affair with sports starts early. "Boys are encouraged to play and watch sports from a young age, so they develop the habit that way," says psychologist Paul L. Fair, PhD, coauthor of I'm Right. You're Wrong. Now What? And it's no wonder they take to it with a passion-they're built for it. "Men are competitive and often have a winner-takes-all mentality in life-two of the main themes in sports," says Fair. That's why guys get so upset when their team loses: They're emotionally invested in the outcome. "It's a lot more than just a game to them," says Fair. Embrace your guy's inner kid and you'll be able to have more patience than ever before.

2. Remember That Timing is Everything
If you have something to tell your guy, he won't hear you if you try to tell him during game time. Grab his attention during a commercial or half-time. Also, don't try to schedule a postgame bonding session---if his team loses, he won't be pleasant company. And for the love of all that is pink and sparkly, do not under any circumstance walk in front of the television. No exceptions. Well, unless the room is on fire. Then you're excused.

3. Plan to Do Something Together Next Weekend
The hard truth: Trying to come between your man and his sports will likely backfire. But we know you might be aggravated he's showing more attention to the television than he has to you in months. So take a breath and plot your plan to have some fun with him at a later date. "Ask him to make up for the couple time you're missing out on," says psychotherapist Katherine Woodward Thomas, author of Calling in "The One." For instance, agree to go to brunch or a movie date next weekend.

4. Make a Pleasure-Packed Wager if It's Just the Two of You
Before the coin toss, place a bet with your guy based on the final score. Our suggestions: A victory massage, breakfast in bed, or a week of continual compliments. Even if you're rooting for the same team, betting on the score will give your night a fun, frisky vibe. Everyone's a winner!

Got a tip for other chicks looking to survive this Sunday? Maybe it's what to make to bring to the party (ahem, pigs in a blanket!) or ideas for what to do with girlfriends to get out of the house, leave your comment below!

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