4 Ways to Protect Email from Hackers

Having your email account hacked can be annoying (your address book could be spammed) - or dangerous if the perpetrator can gain access to personal info.

Protect yourself:

1. Set up a second email account for newsletters and the like: Mailing lists may give the address to others. The more unwanted email you get, the greater the potential for receiving malicious files.

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2. Don't open attachments or click on links from unknown sources: Keep antivirus and browser software updated - don't hit Ignore when those update reminders pop up.

3. Be smart with your password: Ideally, it shouldn't be a word found in a dictionary. And don't choose an obvious security-question answer, like your mother's maiden name.

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4. Don't trust public Wi-Fi: It's fine for general Web browsing, but avoid using it for anything that you log on to.

Do you have other concerns about your safety (and sanity) online? Share with us in the comments.

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