5 Absurdly Over-the-Top Gifts

What do you get for the person who has everything? How about a 13-foot-long television or a chair upholstered in designer scarves? These luxury items might be a bit more expensive than your budget allows, but one can dream, right?

1. Reserved Seating Bespoke Silk Scarf Slipper Chair

A fabulous scarf can be worn only so often, right? But on a chair…forever! Designer Suzan Fellman gives vintage scarves new life, covering simple seats with exquisite examples from Lanvin, Chanel, Christian Dior, and more. $6400; suzanfellman.com.

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2. Copain Bracelet by Oscar Niemeyer

He's the most famous Brazilian architect for a reason. Each of his museums, bridges, amphitheaters, and skyscrapers is an example of curvy sensuality. Now you can wear his designs, in 18K yellow gold with diamonds. $15,200; hstern.net.

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3. Panasonic 152-Inch Television

Really. It's not a misprint. By January 2011, you can buy a nearly 13-foot-long television. And no ordinary flat screen but a Hi-Def 3D version. Don't forget the battery-powered 3D glasses. Price upon request; panasonic.com/3D.

4. Ombré Throw

Turn down the heat and pull up this mink throw. Does it get more luxe? $18,000; frette.com.

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5. My Chrysalis Lampshade

Silk worms and their cocoons are not just for science class anymore. Now the clean leftover shells, which are pure raw silk, have become a most elegant lampshade. So perfect and so delicate. $700; angoworld.com.

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If money were no object, what would your dream holiday gift be?

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