5 Apps and Sites to Keep You On Task

Source: 5 Apps and Sites to Keep You On Task

Does your schedule get so packed that you sometimes forget mundane tasks like stopping by the bank or dropping off your dry cleaning? What about bigger reminders, like how that presentation is due next week? Good news - these apps and websites will help you stay on task, organized, and keep your to-do lists in check. On time and organized looks so good on you!

  • Google Tasks (Free): Turn your Gmail emails into tasks, and set notes, deadlines, and alerts on your Google Calendars. Plus, you can access on the web or mobile apps.
  • Astrid (Free): Astrid, a free Android app that manages deadlines and appointments, organizes tasks by priority, date, and time. The reminders are cute and cheeky, too: "When you have a minute: clean out your inbox," for example.
  • Doris (Free): Doris is a clean and simple web productivity tool that organizes to-dos, deadlines, and appointments. There's also a free iPhone app that syncs up with your online version for seamless time management.
  • TaskAware ($5): TaskAware comes in two versions - ad-supported (free) and ad-free ($5) - but takes task management to a whole new level with the addition of geo-location. Add a task and its location, and TaskAware will alert you when you're nearby so you don't forget to pick up your dry cleaning, or stop by the bank to cash a check.
  • Wridea (Free): Wridea not only acts as a place for you to organize thoughts and ideas, hash out your presentation notes, story plots, or list of to-dos, but it allows you to collaborate and share notes with colleagues and friends.

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