5 Apps to Turn Your Clothes into Cash!

Thrift store shopping is great, but it can take forever to find the special pieces that really blow you away. If you don't have that time, you can shop online and on the go with these five apps. The great thing about these apps is that if you have a closet full of #RipItorReturnIt items (and if you do, send us some pictures), you can easily sell these items and collect via PayPal to fund your future purchases: Use what you have to get what you want!

PoshMark lets you shop different closets, based on your style. Your closet can be customized with photo filters, and you can share your closet with your friends by connecting your social networks. You can also attend virtual shopping parties where you can "window" shop, buy items and list items with your friends (splitting the closet and profits). Poshmark is free, but once you sell an item, the company deducts 20% of the sale price. The company also does not accept returns. The best part of this is that shipping is super easy - Poshmark provides sellers with a pre-paid, pre-addressed label so that all you have to do is slip it into a USPS flat-rate box and you're done!

Tradesy also allows you to follow and shop closets based on your style. Tradesy takes 9% of each sale and allows you to also track closets based on your size. Postage is sent and buyers are paid through PayPal with this service as well. Tradesy also handles all returns and has an exclusive Wedding Shop (formerly Recycled Brides) for all of you who need to get - or get rid of - a wedding dress quickly.

Threadflip has all the same perks as Poshmark and Tradesy, plus they have a "White Glove Service" for designer items. If you aren't sure how to best list these designer items, Threadflip will send you a sealable poly bag and prepaid UPS label and then they'll list the items to your account. Returns are handled by you, the seller. Threadflip has a three-day policy to protect buyers… if the item is "faulty, fake, or falsely advertised" (what they call FFF), then the buyer can return the item for a full credit. Non-FF items will be given Threadflip credit only.

Wiseling is a newer site that offers curated fashion. Most of the fashion listed is rare vintage finds and limited-edition pieces from new designers. Returns are not accepted and only professional merchants are accepted as sellers (that includes new designers with an online store), but anyone can shop.

Dresm is similar to the other services except that there is a 15-cent fee for listing clothing and accessories and you are billed monthly. There is a 3.5% sales fee on all items sold through the site.

How do you shop online? What do you do with your #RipItorReturnIt items? Let us know in the comments!

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