5 Cheap, Last-Minute Date Ideas for Valentines Day

No matter what kind of woman you're taking out nor how serious you are, she's guaranteed to love these $100-and-under excursions - most of which will get you laid, and all of which have a gift to go with them. And for 10 more ideas, head to Esquire.com

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For the Woman You've Only Been Dating for Two Weeks: A Hot Reservation:

Why she'll like it: Cooking for her may or may not be too intimate (more on that shortly), but "going for drinks" again may lead to absolutely nothing. Middle ground: Hit OpenTable.com for a reservation at a great new restaurant - late seatings should still be available, so you'll have time to loosen up with that drink beforehand.
Don't spend more than: $100; think off-the-beaten path bistro, not the fanciest joint in town.
Goes great with: Flowers; think peonies, tulips, or gerbera daisies ($15), not roses.
What you'll get: Your first sleepover with her.

For the Woman Who Doesn't Want to Do Anything: An Evening at Her Service

Why she'll like it: Take her literally and don't have her do anything: You make her dinner, you set the table, you fix her a drink, you do the dishes, you massage her feet, you rinse, you repeat.
Don't spend more than: $35 on a ton of good, cheap wine - boxes approved.
Goes great with: A call bell ($5). "Accidentally" throw this in your recycling bin the morning after.
What you'll get: A week's worth of relaxed companionship, and a sore tongue.

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For the Woman You Actually Want to Marry: An Intimate Video (Not a Sex Tape)

Why she'll like it: Sounds awful, but get her talking into your iPhone and she'll get into it. Stretch out your arm in bed and tell each other romantic things: how you met, how you make up, how you make whoopee. Then suggest you play this video not on YouTube but at your wedding - and propose.
Don't spend more than: A few seconds on a high-quality iPhone recorder, if that.
Goes great with: You know, a ring.
What you'll get: A wife. Or a video of you getting dumped.

For the Ex You're Trying to Get Back: A Round or Two (Max) of Karaoke

Why she'll like it: Karaoke is so ridiculous as to be disarming, especially when Journey is involved. And crooning a song she remembers you by - not your song, a song - is just disarming enough for her to forget the breakup.
Don't spend more than: $40 on drinks. For yourself. For pitch.
Goes great with: Nothing. Premeditated gift for ex-girlfriend equals death.
What you'll get: A second chance. Maybe.

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For the Homebody: A Cooking Class

Why she'll like it: Bonding, knives, and wine - good things all, but in that order. A good maître d' at your local restaurant can recommend a decent one-off lesson for a decent tip, which you'll recoup by dining at home the next few weekends.
Don't spend more than: $85.
Goes great with: A retro ruffled apron from Anthropologie ($32), which you might convince her to wear all by itself.
What you'll get: The end of her "secret meatloaf," at last.

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