5 Creative Ways to Save More Money This Year

Saving MoneySaving MoneyWhether you're looking to pay off debts, save for a vacation or deal with a tax or insurance increase, money always seems to get a little tighter in January. I'd like to start saving money for fun stuff - family days, vacation, date nights - but it's tough to find room in the budget alongside our other obligations.

It's time to start getting a little more creative with the savings. Over Christmas I was paying cash for our gifts and letting the spare change pile up. I realized how quickly that can add up. We typically use our bank cards, but maybe debit cards aren't the best idea. With a cash budget, I can better control our budget, keep spending to a set limit, and let the change add up.

Here are 5 fun was to save more money this year:

1. Compete
A little friendly competition never hurt anyone - this bank keeps track of who is saving more with physics! I'm thinking of setting up a little penny war with the hubby - winner chooses the next date night.
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2. Break bad habits
I am totally at peace with my potty mouth, but the swear jar concept can also be expanded to other bad habits. Maybe we could try out a New Girl-inspired Douchebag jar!
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3. Keep the change
I usually pocket the change I find in the laundry room, but I love the idea of using a tip jar to let it add up for awhile.
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4. Set a goal
Attaching - literally! - a goal to your savings can help keep you motivated. These DIY jar lids are so much more fun than a photo!
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5. Increase your savings
This is a clever idea for saving nearly $1400 in one year! Start with $1, then increase your deposit by another $1 each week. It may get harder towards the end of the year, but once you've learned to live without a set amount, it's not that difficult to add a little more to it.
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- By Heather Sokol
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