5 Dating Tips from Bartenders

The people serving drinks have seen it all when it comes to pickups and hookups - from cheesy one-liners to sneaky come-hither moves. And they know exactly which ones work and which ones bomb. So Cosmo got drink-slingers from some of the hippest bars in the country to spill what they've learned about dating.

1. The Fail-Proof Way to Meet a New Guy
"It's a gutsy move, but if you go to bar alone, you're guaranteed to get hit on all night." -Lauren, 11th Street Bar in New York City

2. The Reason You Need Two Wing Women
"You don't want to come in with a huge group of girls, but you need to bring more than one friend. When there are just two, it's really hard for a guy to strike up a conversation with one girl without making her friend feel abandoned." -Paul, Clem's in Brooklyn, New York

3. The Sexiest Drink You Can Order
"Skip the Long Island Iced Tea and Appletinis. Walk into a bar and order yourself a nice bourbon like Knob Creek on the rocks or a local brew and guys will respect you more." -Lauren, 11th Street Bar in New York City

4. The Move That Works Every Time
"It doesn't always work when a guy buys a drink for girl, but whenever a girl sends a drink over to a guy, believe me, they always leave together." -Linda, 437 Rush in Chicago

5. How to Get Your Bartender to Play Matchmaker

"Tip the bartender well and he may be able to hook you up. I've been known to slide over a free shot to help a guy get the girl, and vice versa." -Brian, Saba Blue Water Café in Austin, Texas

Photo by Beth Studenberg

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