5 How-to Tips for African American Hair

Stuck in a hair rut and not sure what to do? Here are five easy how-to tips below for working with the great hair you've got.

How to Clip In Extensions

Make sure your hair is completely straight in order for the hair extensions to blend seamlessly with your real hair. Then, section the hair into 1-inch partings, placing each extension clip at the root of the hair. Repeat until the full head of hair is complete. You can use a two-inch barrel curler to create voluminous curls, imparting beautiful body. As the final step, use a medium hold hairspray to keep the style in tact.

How to Get Blond or Honey-Colored Highlights
First, break the base using a neutral ash permanent color applied in a virgin application and let process for 15 minutes. Create back-to-back foils by skipping an inch and place a single foil. Foils are placed horizontally and vertically throughout the shape. Utilize a sheer hair color to add honey and caramel hues.

How To Camouflage Thinning Hair
If your hair is thinning, styling should be kept as simple as possible so as not to disrupt the hair shaft and roots. Just keep in mind that trying to make thin hair appear unnaturally voluminous achieves the opposite effect. It is wiser to opt for a clean, sophisticated look that is shaped closer to the head, with no thinning patches exposed.

How to Encourage Hair Growth
Many factors including diet, hair care and genetics have an impact on hair growth. Scalp massage may help to increase circulation and nourish the roots - but be gentle! Also, use a product line that's healthy for your hair like Organic Root Stimulator's Olive Oil line which boasts therapeutic properties that contribute to the on-going nourishment of the hair and scalp.

How to Smooth Hair Without A Flat Iron

To smooth your hair without a flat iron, dry wrap it, apply a pressing cream and brush with a boar's hair bristle brush. Wrap the hair in a doobie and sit under a hooded dryer on a very warm setting for 15 minutes and then cool for a few minutes. Release the hair from the doobie and style. See more product recommendations here.

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