5 How-to Tips to Control Latina Hair

Does your hair seem to have a mind of it's own? We've got five how-to tips to switch it up and regain control over your beautiful Latina locks below.

How to Fake It
Tons of our favorite Latina celebrities use extensions, including Jennifer Lopez, Salma Hayek, and Patricia Velasquez. But there are more options that just getting extensions for your hair. For a more temporary and less expensive method, try "clipping," which is when small wefts of hair are secured in your scalp using small clips, anchoring the extension to the shaft. The clips are very tiny, so you can place them almost anywhere on your head as long as you can blend with your natural hair. When you feel like switching it up or going natural, simply just take the clip out. This is a perfect alternative to getting a new look for the weekend, without breaking the bank.

How to Get Control on an Oily Scalp

The two most important things in controlling an oily scalp is what kind of shampoo and conditioner you put in your hair. A common misconception is buying products for your hair type, rather than what kind of scalp you have. When it comes to shampoo, be sure to buy a shampoo for your scalp, specifically shampoo for fine or limp hair. This kind of formula has detergents in it that effectively remove excess oil. For your conditioner, you should buy according to your hair type. If you need an extra-moisturizing conditioner, only apply where it is needed, and avoid using on your scalp completely. Read more about caring for oily hair here.

How to Stay Natural
If you love your curls and want to keep them healthy and natural, a big factor may be what your sleeping on. Satin pillow cases retain the natural oils secreted by your scalp, while also reducing frizz. It's also important to choose styling products that are light and liquid, as opposed to cremes and heavy gels. This will optimize your curls without weighing them down. Be sure to get a trim every six to ten weeks, to keep curls bouncy and full of body, rather than frizz. See more tips to stay natural for all hair types.

How to Blow Dry Curls
To get your curly, thick hair sleek and straight, apply a leave-in conditioner after washing. Let air-dry for ten minutes before using a dryer with diffuser attachment. Flip your head over, and blow dry right against the scalp with the diffuser, until almost dry. Flip your head back over, and allow the rest of your hair to dry naturally for maximum volume. When hair is fully dry, scrunch with your fingers and if desired, your favorite product for extra curls. Make it a point to leave your hair alone when drying. Messing around with it will cause frizz and messy curls. Get more styling tips for curly hair.

How to Choose the Proper Blow Drying Tools

A good blow dry depends on what kind of tools you are using with your dryer to achieve it. Boar bristle brushes are perfect for drying thick hair. When deciding on a brush size, choose depending on your hair length. The length of your hair should only wrap around the brush once, unless your hair is really long. In that case, buy the largest brush size. For bristle stiffness, the curlier your hair is, the stiffer the bristles will need to be. Use an aluminum round brush in addition to dry bangs or the crown of your head, where the boar bristled brush will have difficulty reaching. See what other tools you need to blow dry your hair straight.

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