5 iPhone Apps Parents Should Never Be Without

Addicted to your iPhone or BlackBerry? If you're using it mostly for email, playing old Beatles songs and calling the babysitter, now's the time to add some new apps to make life simpler … and simply more entertaining. Whether you want to keep your infant from crying or just need to get organized, here are the hottest new downloads to help.

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BABY COLOR TOY: Whether you're on line at the bank or trying to get work done online at home, this app turns your iPhone or iTouch into an interactive game with changing primary colors and electro-sounds. It's aimed at babies, but be warned: This download is strangely addictive for older kids and grown-ups, too.

REMEMBER THE MILK: If you're the type of parent who's always running around with just your cell phone and wallet, this is the app for you: a combined calendar, memo pad and task list that also syncs up with gmail. Download Remember the Milk onto your iPhone, and you'll never be late or forgetful again.

BABYFACE: This one's for all the expectant parents out there. With BabyFace-a baby appearance predictor-you input a laundry list of each parent's traits, and your iPod generates a picture of how your baby will most likely look. And if your little one's already got a prospective boyfriend or girlfriend lined up, enter their details for a hint at what your grandkids might look like in a couple decades' time.
MIKIDS: Juggling too much kid-centric information? This iPhone app puts it all-sizes, doctors' info, friends' phone numbers and school contacts-in one place, with plenty of room for pictures to boot. Download it for yourself … then send it to the grandparents, the babysitter and your closest parent friends.

ITOOKTHISONMYPHONE: Are you a technophobe? This streamlined download makes sending and sharing photos and video footage from a large handful of cell phones as straightforward as the click of a button … just like on your old-school Kodak Instamatic.

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