5 little tips to help kick-start your work week

A case of the Mondays is unavoidable. We can't hit rewind and relive the relaxation of our weekends - but we can eliminate some of the stress with a few tricks to put into practice over the weekend and first thing Monday morning. Just take a look at how you can make the most of your Monday back at the office and kick off your week on the right foot.

  • Practice Smart Weekend Habits - Regardless of the temptation to totally hibernate and avoid all responsibility during the weekend, running errands on Saturday while banks and dry cleaners are open can save you from panic Monday morning if you've forgotten to pick up clothes (and have nothing to wear to work). Smart habits on the weekend can save you from a stressful Monday morning - even exercise on Saturday or Sunday can help you to clear your head before the weekly grind begins again. Remember that a healthy work-life balance is vital to being happy and productive at work.
  • Cook Up Something in Advance - Use your Sunday to whip up something yummy - and bring it with you to the office the next day. If your Monday is unpredictable and you can't find a minute to grab a bite outside the office, you'll be relieved if you pack a delicious lunch from home. In fact, making something that will keep for a couple of days will mean you're off lunch and dinner duty for the beginning of the week - which could buy you a couple hours extra at the office on Monday or Tuesday, if need be.
  • Take Advantage of Your Tivo - Forget staying up past your bedtime on Sunday night. TiVo or DVR your favorite shows, and reward yourself throughout the week when you tune into the episodes you have stored up. It'll be a great weekday treat, plus you'll score extra sleep that will really count when you're headed to the office the next day.
  • Plan Ahead - Take a little time first thing on Monday to set a schedule. Prioritize your tasks for the work week, and be sure to schedule in some personal time too. The ability to see what you're up against at the start of the week can help you set daily goals and make plans outside of office hours. To help keep you organized, set calendar alerts and other savvy reminders on your phone - this way you'll know exactly what's going on, even when you're away from your desk.
  • Tackle Tough Assignments During Peak Hours - As much as we might wish it was still the weekend, we've gotta face facts - it's Monday - and forge ahead. If you view your energy throughout the day as a bell curve, then work smart. Dive into your toughest assignments and tackle them head on when you have the drive. Later, as your energy tapers off, shift gears to something that requires less brain power.
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