5 Low-Key Date Ideas to Ease the Pressure

By Monique Zamir, BounceBack Editorial Staff

So you're deep enough into the path towards emotional recovery from a relationship breakup or divorce that you can healthfully consider reemerging back into the dating scene. It's taken long enough (or maybe not), but either way, the standard dating ideas may still be a turn-off. What you need are some low-pressure, off-beat dating locales that would let conversation run as smoothly as wine down your throat at a wine-tasting event.

And there's idea number one. If you and your date have a passion for wine, then a wine tasting could be a great way to bond over a Merlot or a Cabernet Sauvignon. Discussing your likes and dislikes is a great starting point for deeper conversation.

If you're in the mood for more of an adrenaline rush, you could try finding a go-karting track nearby, or a place that rents out ATVs. Either one would be a great way to loosen up on a date and have a blast showing off your racing skills.

Good food has always been a favorite mode of bonding throughout history - there's no reason why that shouldn't extend to cooking as well. Learning to cook something that's foreign to both of you is a great new experience to delve into. Any sort of culinary class is a fun way to get closer to your date, both emotionally and physically.

If you're more of a romantic at heart, botanical gardens or even parks would be aesthetically and emotionally pleasing to any amateur botanist. The serenity of your surroundings could help you relax enough so that you could better focus on your date.

Finally, museums are a classic dating idea, but for good reason. Going to a museum that suits both of your interests is a prime conversation starter and would give you an immediate and immense common interest.

There's no shortage of places and activities to take your new love interest. Any of these are fabulous and low-key ways to get closer to your date without all the pressure or the cliche of dinner and a movie.

Monique is a writer and recent college graduate transitioning to the working world. She currently resides in New York and can be contacted at zamirmon@gmail.com.

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