The 5 Mind and Energetic Mistakes that Cost You Thousands

Sheevaun O'Connor MoranSheevaun O'Connor Moran

Our minds are the greatest tool we have and without the proper use of our mental energy, mental creativity and right mindset opportunities for mistakes arise. Those mistakes or missed opportunities lead to thousands of dollars in lost revenue and hundreds of hours of lost time.

Here are the mindset mistakes we make:

  • Allowing others to steal your vision and your energy.
  • Being overwhelmed because too many projects press on you that all seem important.
  • Keeping the employee or contractor that is the least productive and who takes the greatest amount of your time.
  • Refusal to delegate.
  • Not asking for the money.

When your vision and purpose is getting interference from others is when you are at your weakest. This setting takes energy, time and money right out of our pockets.

Our mind creates the opportunity and it also creates the obstacle. When an obstacle is created by fear, we are imprinting that into every facet of our lives. We have many unhealthy mental beliefs that are important to release in order to achieve our highest potential and earn many thousands of dollars.

To step into your greatness and fullness of energy, mental clarity, and earning capacity and to achieve results, you must get clear minded. The clearer you are mentally the more clear your results. Better yet, the clearer your energy field is the more clear your mind and the more quickly the results just begin to appear.

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