5 Minute Feng Shui for the Front Door

From Five Minute Fixes

The ancient Chinese principles of feng shui ('fung shway') are thought to promote well-being through the positioning of objects. Nothing is more important than the front entrance, which must attract positive energy (chi) into the house. Here are some basics:

1. Hang a wind chime outside the front door.

2. Never attach dead or dried plants to the door.

3. The path leading to the front door should be curved, never straight.

4. The front hall should be appealing - the paint fresh and a vase of flowers near the door whenever possible.

5. The area in front of the house and the door should be uncluttered.

6. If the front door looks straight through the house to the back door, block the view with a large plant or piece of furniture. Otherwise, the chi may pass straight through.

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