5 Mistakes Women Make in Job Interviews

Did you know the decision to hire is made in 15 minutes or less? Scary huh? With that in mind, Cosmo chatted with the Society for Human Resource Management. Find out which job-hunting sins you may be making.

1. You Say, "This is My Dream Job"
Even if you mean it, 69% of recruiters will brush that off as an insincere cliché they've heard way too many times before. Ban the bogus phrases "I think outside the box" and "I'm a team player" from your vocab as well, and come up with your own way of describing how much you rock.
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2. You Ask About Vacation Days
You may think you're being straightforward by telling your potential boss that you and your BF have a 9-day trip to the Caribbean in the works. However, 69% of bosses agree that the interview is a bad time to start asking when you can take time off from the job you don't even have.

3. You Talk Salary
Money is no doubt on your mind when you're searching for a new job. Uh, if you didn't need it you wouldn't be there in the first place. However, only 15% of bosses think the interview is a good time to talk about money. So unless the boss brings it up, wait until the offer is on the table before you discuss. Find out 10 success secrets that bosses know, with these tips from President of Hearst Magazines, Cathie Black.

4. You Trash Your Old Boss
Even if your old supervisor makes The Office's Michael Scott seem like the smartest person alive, you'll be the one that looks bad if you dis him or your former company. It's kind of like the whole "I'm rubber and you're glue" concept you heard about in grade school. Ninety-five percent of recruiters agree that when you talk smack in an interview, it sticks with you.

5. You Play It Too Cool
Having chemistry with your future boss is essential to acing the interview, but that doesn't mean should let your guard down. Talking to a recruiter like you would one of your friends is a major no-no for 83% of employers.

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