5 Money Saving Tips for This Christmas

Written By Mandy Seay For QuickEasyFit

Young woman with santa cap holding piggy bankWe all know that every time Christmas comes around the temptation is to get the wallet out and splash out on lavish presents and food and drink for friends and family. But if money is tight this Christmas and you want to go into the New Year without a millstone of debt hanging around your neck here are five useful money saving tips for you to consider this Christmas.

Take advantage of the sales - Don't be too proud not to consider buying Christmas presents in stores where there are big sales. Your loved ones don't need to know where your gifts came from and how much they cost. If you can buy a present they'd really like at a discount price then so much the better.

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Budget, budget, budget - Too often Christmas shoppers spend a fortune on presents without thinking about the consequences of how they'll afford it until after the event. This is a sure-fire way to New Year debt. Why not calculate exactly how much you can afford and spend within your means from the outset?

Secret Santa - Many families across the US now operate a Secret Santa present policy. This means that family members are only responsible for buying presents for one person, rather than having to buy gifts for everyone. Not only should this save you money, it will give you a renewed focus when you hit the High Street.

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Make your own gifts - If you don't want to go overboard with spending on gifts at Christmas why not make your own custom gifts for friends and family? Whether its homemade food and drink or beautiful arts and crafts, your loved ones will definitely appreciate the time and effort that goes into a charming homemade present.

Shop online - Last but not least if consumer electronics and gadgets are the order of the day then you don't have to hit the High Street to get the best deals. Log online and you will find many online stores offering the same products at knockdown prices. Take advantage of any available voucher codes you can find too and ensure your money goes further during the festive season.

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