5 nerdy cars with great gas mileage

Clearly, many of us are willing to make sacrifices in the face of high gas prices and a flailing economy, but just how far are you and your family willing to go?

Did you know that the Geo Metro actually gets the same or better gas mileage than the super hip Brad Pitt Driving Prius?

Here are 4 other cars that make up for their nerdy rep with kicking gas mileage:

1. Pinto - Yes, it's ugly and might blow up if you're rear-ended, but this baby is so horrid, it's chic.

2. Festiva - Lovingly called the "tuna can" in my family, this baby often topped out at 50 mpg highway miles.

3. Subaru Justy - Like justice, but cuter. The Subaru Justy could fit two beach blankets and a toddler and maybe an angry ex-, but not much more than that. But 3 cylinders will buy you a lot of trips to the local 7 Eleven, as long as you're not in a hurry.

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