5 Reasons To Watch Disney's Tangled !!!!!

First - The Movie Is A Cute Adaptation Of The Famous Fairy Tale "Rapunzel" , so all of you guys must not miss to catch a glimpse of the young damsel with her long golden hair making her the more attractive.
Second - The Movie is a fine blend of music as well as poetry , which will make you take a plunge in the virtual life in the kingdom as well as the lonely life spent by Princess Rapunzel in that tall tower of darkness.
Third - The Movie has a cute green character named "Pascal", who's a pet chameleon of our Dear Princess.He is small but clever in changing colors and brave in fighting back enemies that bother his princess.
Fourth - The Movie is fun to watch with characters like Maximus . a horse of the lead guard in the kingdom ,who is quiet loyal to his work and tries to fetch the thug and fight him out , also helps the hero find his true love in the end . All the characters as "Snuggly Duckling Regulars" where full of mischief and i am sure you all will enjoy watching them.
Fifth - The Movie has a handsome hunk named "Flynn Rider" , who saves Rapunzel and eventually falls in love with her .The path from being a selfish thief to a brave lover is worth watching .

So Friends What You Waiting For .....Just Go For it ....And Prepared To Get Tangled !!!!!!!!