5 Sneaky Ways Grocery Stores Trick You into Spending Money

Don't fall for these grocery store tricks.Don't fall for these grocery store tricks.Grocery stores are filled with brightly colored packages and fun displays, all designed to have you buying even more than you planned. Smart shoppers will look past marketing tactics and creative pricing to be sure they are getting the best value for their money. That's why it's a good idea to understand how stores price and showcase products. Don't fall victim to these 5 grocery store tricks.

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Product PairingsProduct Pairings1. Product Pairings
You go to the store for a bag of chips and grab a jar of salsa while you're there, even though you already have 2 at home. Why? Because that's what the grocery store wants you to do when they price them together at 2/$5. But, the chips alone will ring up $2.50. This is the same reason supermarkets advertise 10 for $10 sales, instead of $1 deals. It makes people feel like they should buy all 10, but in most cases, it's not necessary to get the deal.

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Grocery Shrink Ray Grocery Shrink Ray 2. Grocery Shrink Ray
You would notice if your candy bars went up $.50, but maybe you didn't notice that they went from 10-count to 8-count and, now, 6-count packages. Brands are shrinking the size of their products without changing the price, to make more money off your purchase.

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EndCaps EndCaps 3. Endcaps
Sure, grocery stores often use endcaps to showcase additional sale products, but they also sell the premium space to brands who are looking for a little extra marketing. Displaying an item front and center doesn't always mean it's a good buy.

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Per Pound Pricing Per Pound Pricing 4. Per Pound Pricing
Some produce is priced by the pound while others are priced individually. And, sometimes you even have both options on the same food. I usually find items priced by the pound will cost more than single priced foods.

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Less for MoreLess for More5. Less for More
Last month, I sent my husband to the store with a coupon for cereal. He came home with a small box, thinking he was spending less money. Except, the large box was actually on sale for $1 less than the small one. He wasn't totally wrong, though - I often find that smaller packages are a better deal with my coupons.

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