5 Summer Truths You Can't Ignore

It's easy to be breezy about life in warm-weather months. But keep this info in mind so you don't get burned this summer.

1. Day drinking can be frickin' awesome, but it can also kick your ass. Because of the sun and the hot temps, you'll likely be more dehydrated, making you way more tipsy than usual. Follow these tips to make sure you don't hurt your rep or your health.

2. Yes, you need sunscreen. You shouldn't even ask.

3. That gorgeous guy you meet on vacation? He's probably nothing more than a fun rendezvous. It's not called a summer fling because of its long-term potential…

4. Water as a lubricant for sex in the pool: FAIL. You need to use silicone-based lubricant, which is completely waterproof and makes the experience much more pleasurable. Bonus truth: Water sex causes all sorts of problems with condoms, so it's best for monogamous couples who are on birth control.

5. Do not apply self-tanner or an instant bronzer if you're going to put on a white dress shortly after. Your dress will stain and the orangey smudges won't come out. Ever. Opt for one of these self-tanners to get sexy without ruining your wardrobe.

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