5 Surprising Work-from-Home Jobs

If you are looking for more flex in your work life than you currently have, check out this list of possibilities.

Flexible work solutionsFlexible work solutions

Bilingual Senior Technical Advisor
Customer service is one of the most widely known work-from-home job categories, and big-name companies like JetBlue and Coca-Cola have hired telecommuting customer service reps. But did you know that even the most high-level technical support folks are working from home? These professionals provide technical advice and direction over the phone to important clients to help keep businesses running smoothly all day, every day. Depending on the needs of the client, work at home technical advisor positions are available for day, evening, and overnight shifts, making them super-flexible for folks with strong technical savvy and excellent customer service skills.

CEO / Executive Director
Can you run a whole organization from your home office? In a word - Yes! Whether searching for a CEO or Executive Director, many companies are now turning these positions virtual because it helps them widen their geographic search area, bring in a wider variety of highly qualified applicants, and keep overhead costs low by eliminating the need for office space. As a telecommuting CEO herself, Sara Sutton Fell of FlexJobs says, "The most important skills used by a telecommuting CEO are communication, communication, and communication."

Community Gardens Director
Nonprofit organizations have long possessed a penchant for staying nimble because each year they balance an increasing need for their services with an unpredictable budget that could face cuts at every turn. One of the ways nonprofits, large and small, stay flexible is by hiring telecommuters. This dramatically lowers the costs of office space and overhead. Nonprofit directors who enjoy working from home will find their days spent working with the board of directors, managing budgets, creating strategic plans, and maintaining records, all from their home offices. And if you're the Community Gardens Director, you can spend more time in your own home garden while you manage the community's as well.

Company Chef
Professionals in the culinary world experience their fair share of restaurant work. The odd hours and grueling pace make lots of chefs want to head for the hills but there are options. Small companies are starting to seek out chefs who can prepare lunch and dinner for their staff members during the week. These company chefs are able to cook the entire meals in their homes where they are surrounded by their favorite kitchen gadgets and a familiar layout. These jobs usually also include delivery of the meals, so it's important for chefs to live near the company, but be willing and able to work at home.

Grant Writer & Manager
For such a traditional job, grant writers are certainly at the cutting edge of employment because a number of grant writer positions are now work-from-home jobs. Whether working as a freelancer for multiple clients, or as the grant writer for one organization, these professionals are able to work with clients to prepare proposals and grant applications from their home offices. As with any virtual job, solid communication is the key to any at-home grant writing position. Be prepared to utilized multiple methods of communication every day.

By Sara Sutton Fell, CEO & Founder of FlexJobs.com

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