5 uses for old gift cards

Long after you spent the money on them, gift cards can save you a bundle. Handy TOH reader Bill Tuscano clued us in about all the things he does with his used cards.

1. Use as a Straightedge

Keep a few cards in your workshop for marking cuts on small pieces of trim and other materials.

2. Spot-fix a tile floor

Why dirty a trowel when gluing down a few loose tiles? Instead, snip off one edge of a card with pinking shears to make a zigzag edge, use it to apply the mastic, then toss it

3. Get rid of air bubbles

Rub the edge of a card along a freshly wallpapered surface-especially in corners and around tight spots near windows and doors-to help the paper lie smoothly.

4. Mix and apply glues and putties

Use a card to mix and apply small batches of patching compound or two-part epoxy, or to work stiff putty until it's elastic enough to apply.

5. Scrape off gunk

Keep a few cards on hand in your workshop and kitchen to remove paint drips, stubborn labels, candle wax, and other sticky stuff from smooth surfaces.

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