5 Ways to Beat Writer's Block

Writer's BlockWriter's BlockI had set a lot of goals for the New Year and didn't make nearly half of them. That's the truth of it straight up. January found me tired, worn and haggard with not much energy or desire to meet my personal and professional goals for growth.

Some would say that this is an affliction many fall under right after the holidays or during the long, dark, cold winter. Sure, there's some truth to that. Some other truths were that I desperately needed to take back some 'me time'. I needed to re-focus on what I really love about writing, outside of service posts and contractual deadlines. I needed to re-focus on my health and fitness in a way I haven't done since before my children were born.

I felt a longing to get get back to story-telling and felt bereft of the ability to do so. My mojo was gone. I could only see in lists and fodder and what was trending on the internets. Which are all necessary parts of my job - but can't ever be the whole of it.

The biggest part of me as a writer has to always be my voice as a story-teller. Without that I feel like a fraud.

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These are some of the ways that I've been getting back to basics and letting everything else go:

1. Move Around

And I mean M O V E. Sounds cliche, but a healthy dose of fresh air, flowing endorphins and the empowerment I derive from a fantastic run puts new ideas into my head. Words and sentences begin to form. The only problem is stopping to jot down notes. Those Zombies are relentless! I've yet to do this app on a run with the kids in the chariot, I'll let you know how that goes if and when I do.

2. Journal
I close the computer and just write. Nothing contrived, sometimes it's just an out-pouring of thoughts and words or bad poetry. I have different journals for different types of writing I do. One for picture book writing (words and doodles), another for article ideas, one-liners, whole paragraphs and rants. The third one is for personal stories. Each of my little ones have their own journal as well that they can doodle in when I'm nose into one of mine.

3. OmmWriter
A good friend turned me onto this app, dubbed, 'your won personal writing room'. It might not be for everyone, but I dig it.

4. Set the Scene
I'm one of those neat freaks who can't operate in kerfufffle. With two toddlers in the house, this should be something that I get over - but I just can't do it. I'm working on re-decorating and marrying my sewing/art studio downstairs with an office and writing space too. (A toddler free zone, complete with lock on the door). Until it's finished in there, the dining room table is my work-space and I simply cannot concentrate until the room is picked up. Essentially I think I'm saying cleaning helps me over-come writer's block. Yeesh.

5. Read
I used to read for hours a day (pre-kids). We all know that isn't happening anymore, but I definitely still devour at least 2 novels per month, any which way I can get it. Books, whether they be fiction or non-fiction have a way of inspiring me and taking the focus away from my own writing.

By Selena Mae
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