5 Ways to Boost Your Karma and Spread Breast Cancer Awareness

As the relationship bible, Cosmo knows that love can change the world, and we want you to join us and Estée Lauder in The Cosmo Karma Project mission. Tell us how you are making the world a brighter place by spreading awareness and love with one tiny act of kindness with this Facebook application.

Help us exceed our goal of 30,000 actions by January 31st and get some great Cosmo Karma back for you! Enter to win a spa weekend for two, plus beauty loot from Estée Lauder.

All types of random acts of kindness are welcome. Try one of these ideas.

1. Wear a pink ribbon.

2. Read up on these symptoms so you'll be able to tell the breast cancer warning signs from normal lumps and bumps.

3. Encourage a friend to do her breast self-exam.

4. Buy products from companies who support the cause. Check out these limited-edition beauty products that give back!

5. Take a survivor out to lunch.

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