5 Ways to Declutter Your Home

One expert's tips on how to stay organized and live comfortably with loads of stuff.

Plus: Crafts that help declutter

1. Make an artful asset of hard-to-store goods.

"There never seems to be cabinet space deep enough to hold platters," says Joanna Madden. She solves the dilemma in her kitchen with a custom rack that displays the oversize dishes.

2. Put treasures to work.

Stacked up, vintage suitcases "read as a single unit of furniture, like a cabinet," says Madden. And this gorgeous grouping doesn't just stand there looking good: The family stows off-season stuff, such as holiday ornaments, in each "drawer."

3. Take full advantage of vertical space.

In any house, there are only so many tabletops on which to showcase stuff. So if you tend to amass large numbers of small collectibles, consider climbing the walls.

4. Layer objects for depth and drama.

So brilliant, so simple: Madden injects instant architectural interest by propping an ornate oval frame atop a modest rectangular mirror.

5. Bring baubles into the light.

Instead of stashing jewelry in a drawer or box - where it tends to get tangled and forgotten - Madden corrals bangles in McCoy planters. And bracelets are hung on a framed particle board covered in gift wrap. Each sparkler hangs from a pushpin.

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