5 Ways to Dig Yourself out of the Sand Trap

"Life is like a golf course, and a sand trap runs through it" is quintessential Charles Schultz. The cartoon creator who gave us Snoopy and the ensemble of peanut-sized characters that we all grew to love often alluded to these life lows in his popular comic strip. You can mope, cry or scream at others like Lucy Van Pelt but at the end of the day the only person who can dig you out of the rut is yourself.

Here are some suggestions on how to do it in all areas of your life:

On the Job: Dissatisfaction on the career front can start as soon as one becomes comfortable and complacent in one's role. When your work makes you feel like you are living from Monday to Monday, you're likely in need of a challenge or change. Be on the lookout for new internal assignments, or be the one to initiate an innovative project for the organization. If there are no opportunities to shake things up, find things to do on the side that will increase your marketability while you devote your energies to finding a new job. If you're really ambitious look for work you can do in your downtime or on the side (check out FlexJobs.com).

During Your Workout: Oops, you stopped training again! Routine is precisely what's causing the fitness slump you're in. A change of scenery may be just what you need to mix things up and get you motivated. Try taking your workout to the park or a facility that specializes in a sport you have not tried before. Indoor spin studios, like Flywheel in NYC or Synergy in Boston, are popping up across the country and offer intense and super- focused training programs. Or get yourself into one of those high energy Zoomba classes which are now being offered at most dance studios.

In Diet Mode: Weight watchers, beware: eating the same things every day may feel safe but it can rob you of your willpower and can also lead to plateaus. The quickest fix in this case is to mix up your meals and the types of foods in your diet. Instead of eating the same tuna salad each day, swap it out for chicken, shrimp or something completely different like a wrap, hearty soup or sushi. Or, if you're following a protein or carbohydrate heavy diet, switch to another plan for a couple of days - this simple change will trick your body into fresh diet mode and may help you lose more.

Drained Out by Dating: Following a strict dating regimen is no different than being on a restricted diet - it can leave you dissatisfied and hungry for more. If you've been on a marathon to meet someone new, it's time for some healthy moderation. To recharge your batteries, take time off from your search and enjoy the summer break with no strings or expectations attached.

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