5 Ways to Prevent "Chore Wars" With Your Spouse

Most married couples, especially those with children, deal with the "chore wars" - arguments over who does what in the household. We're all so busy, and the chores never seem to end - it becomes inevitable that couples will argue over who does what.

Here are a few tips to help prevent chore wars:

  1. Communication. What is an acceptable level of cleanliness? Couples with one neat freak and one messy person may just simply disagree on what "clean" means.
  2. Division of Labor. Decide on division of chores (factoring in outdoor chores as well as indoor chores).
  3. Don't Nag. Nagging never works, and just leads to resentment. Simply have a reasonable discussion if things aren't working as discussed.
  4. Be Flexible. If one spouse is sick or has a heavy workload at work, work together to get things done. Remember to reevaluated the chore division if your situation changes in any way (new job, new baby, etc).
  5. Be Nice. Once and a while, surprise your spouse by doing a chore that isn't yours.
How do you deal with the chore wars?