5 Ways to Step Up Your Job Search

According to Quinn Price, an executive coach and change-management expert, it's the small details that can make a difference in your job search. He shares five secrets that will help you stand out from the rest:

How Envy Blocks Success

1. Think like an employer. Make it very clear how your experience specifically benefits their company or helps solve an issue that they care about. Don't make the employer do the translating.

2. Use their words. Take a phrase, like 'team-oriented problem solver' from their job posting and include it in your resume and cover letter. Not only will it stand out to the hiring manager, but it will help your resume come up first in a computer search.

3. Network. It's all about who you know. Not only do most jobs go un-posted, but it's much easier for companies to hire a person one of their trusted employees already knows. Let the right people know that you're looking for a job so that they can reach out to you if and when a good match comes along.

Writing Your Resume After a Long Work Absence

4. Know Your True Strengths. Instead of solely considering your past positions, review your most 'shining moments' in the work place and write them down. This simple act could potentially shift your entire job search focus.

5. Take it Day-By-Day. Identify specific tasks that you will do daily to help create positive momentum as you job hunt. For instance, say that you will apply to at least three jobs a day, write your follow-ups and keep networking. According to Price, staying on target could help you find a job in half the time.


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