5 Ways To Throw The Ultimate Party

So you're having a little get-together? No need to stress. Celeb event planner Jes Gordon, author of Party Like a Rock Star, offers surprisingly simple tricks.

If you're serving beer, don't keep the bottles or cans in the fridge - they will be hard for people to access and take up too much space. Instead, pick up some colorful buckets at the dollar store, fill them with ice, and store drinks in them

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2. Remember cupcakes are a crowd-pleasing dessert. Display them on a side table.

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3. Lighting is key for creating the whole mood of your gathering, and simply changing a few bulbs will truly transform your space. Screw in peach bulbs for a warm, sexy feel. Or try blue ones for a cooler, nightclub vibe.

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4. Offer just one specialty drink. This way, you don't have to buy tons of mixers and alcohol. An easy cocktail: Add a dash of cranberry juice to some prosecco for a festive twist. Prosecco is cheaper than champagne, and you'll stretch it by adding the juice.

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5. For effortless extra seating, take any throw pillows you have, including ones from your bed, and spread them out on your living room floor. It'll create a comfy and lounge-y or an exotic, Moroccan feel, depending on your pillows, and people won't just be standing around uncomfortably.

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