5 weight-loss tips that work for this real woman

We always enjoy receiving feedback from our readers, and we especially love hearing about the healthy ways they've lost weight or gotten in shape. If you're looking for some weight-loss inspiration right now, check out SHAPE reader Caroline Hannigan's story and see if some of her weight-loss tips (she lost 44 pounds!) work for you!

1. Make a split decision: "Workouts go by faster when I break them into six 5-minute intervals: 2 minutes at 4 mph on the treadmill, 1 minute at 8, and 2 minutes at 4.5."

2. Take tapas to work: "Lunch doesn't have to be soup or a salad. One of my favorite midday meals is lowfat cottage cheese, baby carrots, and an apple with almond butter."

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3. Put it in writing: "I make a to-do list- including sets, reps, and weights-before going to the gym, and I stay there until I've checked everything off. It keeps me focused and helps me track my progress."

4. Find your happy medium: "When I tried to cut out sweets and fried food completely, I ended up bingeing on them. Now I limit myself to a single serving."

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5. Save it for a special occasion: "I still love to eat out, but now I do it just once a week. They're called 'splurge meals' for a reason!"

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