5 Women I Want My Daughter to Know

Two of my three children are girls. Despite coming from the same parents and being raised the same, they couldn't be more different. My oldest, an introvert, is sensitive, genuine, and the epitome of an old soul. My youngest, a complete extrovert, is full of laughter, spirit, and excitement for the simpleness of life. As they grow and experience whatever it is they are destined to be, I hope they have the pleasure of discovering five women in their journey.

  • Emily Dickinson - while her poetry is soulful and full of beauty, I want my daughters to understand how someone that lived as a virtual recluse could experience life more fully than many of us that actually live it.
  • Katharine Hepburn - though she is known as an incredible film star, I want my daughters to take from her the true individualism she possessed. She was strong, independent, and had a mind of her own. Besides, any woman that will wear pants long before it's acceptable is worth admiring.
  • My grandmother - she passed away before my children had the opportunity to embrace the character that she was, but I hope to show them that she loved with no bounds, hoped with every day, and felt grateful for the gifts of the world.
  • Anne Frank - though we only have the remnants of a diary to allow us access to her world, I hope my daughters understand the true impact this girl, this child had on history.
  • Eleanor Roosevelt - a timeless woman whose wisdom still resonates true - "The future belongs to those that believe in the beauty of their dreams."

There are many strong and wonderful women that I hope my daughters will embrace as the carriers of their past. But, I truly hope that as they learn of all the amazing women in the world they recognize their own potential to be the same.

Neena is a mother of three, blogger, and full-time PhD student living in the suburbs of Atlanta. She blogs about her daily adventures and misadventures at hooey!critic