5 Workout Secrets From Olympians

Cosmo got some of the most elite athletes in the country to reveal their best secrets for staying in stellar shape - minus the trainers, 8-hour practices, and strict diets. Want more weight-loss advice? Read up on some of our favorite tips ever!

Lindsey Vonn, 24, Alpine Skier

Cosmo: What do average Cosmo girls not know about working out that an Olympian knows?

Lindsey: "There is a lot of science involved when it comes to how much you can exhaust your muscles. Resting your muscles correctly is just as key as working them."

Steven Nyman, 27, Alpine Skier

Cosmo: What's one of your best stay-in-shape secrets for when you're on the road?

Steven: "I like the foam roller. When you roll on it, it massages your muscles and keeps you fresh and ready for the next day. But it also gives you a nice shoulder and core workout while doing it." Find out more ways to fight your muffin top.

Allison Baver, 29, Speed Skater

Cosmo: What do average Cosmo girls not know about working out that an Olympian does?

Allison: "If you want to look your best, it can take a lot effort - every single day. But it's all about being yourself. Some girls go to the gym, but then they don't sweat. You have to sweat! If you're girly, then put on some mascara and lip gloss, but hit the gym!" Wanta know best time of day to get your workout in? Check out these tips.

Katherine Reutter, 21, Speed Skater

Cosmo: What's your favorite trick for staying motivated in your workouts?

Katherine: "When I feel like I don't have the time or energy, I tell myself that I'll take one thing at a time. Thinking about all the sets, reps, and exercises I have ahead of me can be overwhelming. So I start small with something quick and easy. Getting started is the hardest part, so this makes the more challenging part of my workout easier." Revamp your workout with tips from celeb trainers.

Evan Lysacek, 24, Figure Skater

Cosmo: What's your favorite mind trick for getting to the gym when you really just want to take a nap?

Evan: "I don't let myself go home (at the end of the day) before hitting the gym. This eliminates the challenge of 'getting to the gym.' The old saying is true: Showing up is half the battle."

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