6 Animals That Share An Affinity For Foreplay

animals that have oral sex
According to a new study by Professor Ingo Schlupp, a zoologist at the University of Oklahoma, if the Mexican Molly fish could talk it would say, "Hey baby, you wanna mustache ride?" Basically, natural selection has made male Mollies into the Tom Sellecks of the sea. They have grown a thick, manly 'stache they use in the art of seduction. Apparently, before they mate, they tickle their special lady's hot spot with the spikey mohawk on their upper lip. Their foreplay technique is so remarkable, scientists have given it its own name: nipping. OK, so that name is just about as sexy as cunnilingus, but isn't it nice to know that we human ladies aren't the only gals who demand our men go downtown? Here are some more animals who agree you gotta lick it before we kick it.

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animals that have oral sexLandov
Gorillas have small penises (around two inches) but they prove why females shouldn't be size queens. Let's just say those giant grunting furballs aren't shy about turning a lady on with foreplay. They finger, go downtown, and fondle boobs too! Plus, they can find the clitoris, so your man has NO excuse.

animals that have oral sexLandov
Bats may hang upside down, but they know what's up! Penises. Yep,the short-nosed female fruit bat knows how to keep an erection going and going and going. In fact, 70 percent of bat ladies perform oral sex on their male partner during intercourse. Scientists discovered it's more than just for the guys' pleasure, as they don't withdraw from the female while she's going down. And for each second of licking, the sex lasted six seconds longer. Wow, wow, and wow! If only it were that easy for humans.

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Normally, sex is a down and dirty deed, but no one does it more elegantly than leopard slugs. They could give Marilyn Monroe a run for her money thanks to their grace in the sack! Slugs are genderless so their sex is all about sharing, hence, lots o' oral! When one lil' guy is ready to mate, it advertises in its slime, giving it a special flavor. Another slug that's hooked on the feeling follows the slime until it catches up with the one it's been crushin' on. It lets it know it's ready to fall in slug love by nibbling its booty just right. Next thing you know, two become one. Seriously, this slug porno is so pretty you may just shed a tear.

animals that have oral sexLandov
Bonobos are natural freaks. They don't fight or have wars; they hate screw their differences away! Hot. They also go through periods of time in their lives where they have sex for pleasure's sake, not just reproduction. We humans call that our early 20s, rebounding, and swinging. They also indulge in French kiss makeout sessions, ----- s, and oral sex, of course!

animals that have oral sexLandov
Hyena females have such large clitorises that they're actually considered to be pseudo-penises. Yep, these gals are packing some big guns. Males can be pretty intimidated to put their thing in that, as you might imagine. So, to get the party started, when a lady is in heat, the male will start things off with some sweet tongue action.

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