6 Creative Ideas for DIY Holiday Wreaths

Holiday wreaths can be as unique as the DIYers who hang them. Even if you're not the craftiest person on the block, you'll be surprised to learn what you can achieve with a wire or foam wreath form (you can pick these up in just about any shape from the Maine Wreath Co.) and a little imagination.

Too busy to crank out a gorgeous wreath in time to ring in the holidays? Well, you can go ahead and buy most of the handmade beauties featured here, too.

Shown here: The TOH Antique Tool Wreath

Dried Herb and Flower Wreath

This mixed-herb wreath is a fragrant collection of dried plants. The bright red color comes from chiles de arbol, interspersed with bay leaves, Mexican sage, marjoram and more. You can get the look by drying herbs and arranging them on an affordable wreath form, which you maybe able to find in the craft aisle of your local discount store.

A living wreath of fresh herbs for cooks to pick from as they prepare holiday meals makes a great hostess gift.

Shown: Square Mixed-Herb Wreath by Creekside Farms; About $60; Williams-Sonoma

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Sweater Wreath

Looking for something to do with that ugly sweater your aunt gave you last year? The wreath shown here was made using old and outgrown mohair and lambs' wool sweaters. The frayed, fuzzy material will add warmth to cold entryways for years to come. Just cut the fabric into squares, cut small slits into the center of each square, and thread them onto a wire hanger. Form the wire into a circle, top with a bright red bow, and you're all done.

Shown: Beautiful Mohair Sweater Wreath; About $30; Etsy

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Ornament Wreath

Try this if you're changing the theme of your tree this year, and find yourself with some spare ornaments. You can attach ornaments to metal forms by looping floral wire through each ornament's hanging caps. Glass balls are light enough to attach to foam wreath forms with glue, too.

The Etsy artist behind the creation shown here used a variety of ornament textures-from shiny to sparkly to matte-to create this look. Want the look without the work? Order a custom, handmade version from the artist.

Shown: 20" Bubble Gum Pink, Bluebird Blue, and Lime Green Ornament Wreath; About $56; Etsy

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Birdseed Wreath

In addition to making your entryway pretty, this wreath will help feathered friends through the winter by providing a supplemental food source. This exterior decoration is made of sunflower seeds and topped with a red raffia bow. You can make your own by using any variety of birdseed held together by peanut butter, suet, or an animal-safe, edible adhesive. Seed and adhesive are included in most feeder-making kits.

Shown: Sunflower Birdseed Wreath; About $12.95; Duncraft

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Tinsel Wreath

Fuzzy tinsel may not be a part of the holiday look you're going for, but the affordable decorations make for an easy, modern wreath material. Just wrap a wire wreath form in the stuff and finish with an ornament or bow. This artist used a salvaged rhinestone holiday pin on this creation.

Shown: Mini Silver Tinsel Wreath; About $14; Etsy

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Magazine Wreath

Not sure what to do with old issues of This Old House? Take your old magazines, books, and newspapers and make one of these. Get this look by cutting stacks of sheets that are the same size and carefully rolling them into cylinders of equivalent diameter. Pin cylinders as shown to a foam form, or loop and twist extra-long cylinders around a wire frame.

Shown: Romance Book Wreath; About $25; Etsy

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