6 ways to slack off at work — and get away with it

diego cervo/iStockdiego cervo/iStockNo matter how hard you concentrate, there will always be days when you can't get down to work. The good news: You're not alone. The average employee is productive just four hours a day, according to a recent study of 1000 British workers conducted by Cadillac. (The car company maintains that an executive's most productive hours are, naturally, while driving to and from work.) The study found relentless phone and e-mail interruptions to blame for office ennui. But just because most workers slack off, doesn't mean it's employer-sanctioned behavior. If you spend more time Googling ex-boyfriends than filling out TPS reports, we've compiled our favorite ways to spice up a boring day on the job without getting busted.

1. Take Some Alone Time
Sometimes, you just need a change of scenery. Print out your work, and take it into the conference room to read over. But bring along some magazines, even a newspaper. No one will suspect a move as brazen as slacking off in a public work space. Observers will likely assume you're doing research. (Have a quick answer ready in case you are asked what you're up to. Here's a good one: "I've got an idea for a long-term project. I was just researching its feasibility.")

2. Stay Messy
A messy desk screams "busy bee" to anyone in your workspace. Keep piles of paper, old newspapers, and errant office supplies lying around to maintain the idea that you're important and always busy. People will see the mess and feel bad about giving you any extra work to do.

3. Prepare Your Props
If you're the kind of person who finds it impossible to arrive on time, try the coffee-and-muffin trick. Before you leave at night, keep your computer on and put a cup of coffee and a half-eaten muffin at your desk. You'll beat even the earliest bird in.

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By Stephanie Wu

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