7 Behind-the-Scenes DWTS Finale Secrets from Kym Johnson

Dead heats. Killer dance moves. Ridiculous costumes. Who needs American Idol when you've got the final showdown of Dancing with the Stars Season 12? On the eve of the results show, Esquire.com caught up with Kym Johnson for the bottom line on what really goes on when then the cameras get turned off...

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1. The Instructors Pick the Outfits

"I am guilty of dressing Hines up in some ridiculous outfits. Yes, yes I am. Tonight we're wearing black-and-gold - Steeler colors. Hines is a pretty classy guy, so he told me from the get-go, 'Don't make me wear frills or anything ridiculous like that. Don't make me take my shirt off.' I don't think we've gone too crazy."

2. The Prizes Could Be Better

"I wish there was more of a prize. You get a fantastic mirror-ball trophy, but there's no prize money or anything fantastic like that. It's the bragging rights."

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3. The The Judges Are 'Terrifying'

"Brooke is in this room where we have to go to get our judge's scores. So she'll ask us how we feel we did, what we think of the judge's scores, that kind of thing. She's the nice one. The judges - you stand there and have to be critiqued by them after you dance, and that can be quite terrifying."

4. Injuries Are Part of the Game

"Naturally I've had a few injuries, but this season's was really the scariest injury that I've ever encountered - falling on my neck. I'm very lucky to have escaped with what I did. I kind of fell just the right way to miss breaking my neck, and these last couple of weeks have been quite crazy with therapy and stuff. I feel like a football player at the moment."

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5. Kirstie Alley Can Actually Dance!

"She actually blew me away on her first dance. Watching her on the floor, she's improved ever since. She's just fun, just so ridiculous."

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6. Partner 'Friendships' Last a Lifetime

"Spending that much time with someone can do that for you. With Hines, I've got a friendship now for life. Everyone I've danced with I'm still really good friends with. I mean, you do spend eight hours a day together, for a good thirteen weeks. It's a lot of time with two people working toward one common goal. It does make you bond."

7. It's Too Early to Think About Next Season

"I've just had the best time with Hines. He's such an amazing person and the best partner. I can't even wrap my head around it right now."

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