7 essential cleaning tools

Give your home a spring awakening with these tried-and-true products. By Stephanie Sisco

Scrub Brush

This wooden natural-bristle brush is great on tile floors, baseboards, and more.

To buy: $15, store.thelaundress.com

HAAN Slim & Light Steam Mop
It heats the water inside its tank to boiling in 30 seconds, so when you mop your floors you'll also be killing bacteria and germs-no cleaning products needed. Plus, the slim head fits under furniture and appliances.

To buy: $122, homedepot.com

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Lysol Clean Flip
This wet/dry mop has side "wings" that you can flip up to clean baseboards. Wet and dry cleaning cloths sold separately.

To buy: $10, at retailers nationwide.

Tilex Tile & Grout Pen
This dual-tipped pen-a fine point on one side, a scrub brush on the other-contains a bleach solution to whiten grout and wipe out stains on tile or porcelain.

To buy: $3, at Target stores.

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Microfiber Cloth Multi-Pack
With all the cleaning you'll be doing this spring, no need to waste paper towels. Designate one color for windows, another for wood furniture, and so on.

To buy: $10, amazon.com

Caldrea All Purpose Cleanser in Basil Blue Sage
Dilute this sweet-smelling cleanser with water and show dirt and grime the door.

To buy: $12, caldrea.com

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Invisible Glass
Mirror, mirror on the wall…so that's what I look like, after all? You'll never see mirrors and windows looking cleaner than after you've tried this miracle worker.

To buy: $7, stoneronline.com

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